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The awards ~ millet Bracelet winners baked, come to accept the award!

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blob.png ! award!! "1212 chop hand finally ended, everyone's wallet monarch okay? I do not know is not by your high buy buy buy enthusiasm spread, 12 pairs to help send Bracelet everyone to participate enthusiastically, come see the list of winners! More than double 12 help millet Bracelet winning customer list golden age retained the power of final interpretation of the event. Award deadline: December 30, 2015. The award address: golden age of Chinese redbud hill Mall Road Yuhong International C seat 20 floor 2010 contact telephone number: 13676999701 field prize can be used to participate in the activities of the mobile phone number will be mailed to the address to send a text message, we will to express form of payment of prizes, postage themselves. Did not win the small partner also please do not lose heart, small Golden Awards but countless, as long as the attention to keep on the right, all kinds of welfare wave after wave in the wave to you!