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Come and Henan news channel host together

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blob.png 12.17 No. morning, Henan news channel {day} health Moderator: Li Dawei, Wang Lu came to the golden age we Zhengzhou Hengda store. Together with the coach for the broad masses of the neck and lumbar spine to find ways to improve. Above the action name: independent tensile trapezius muscle, usually sit in the office can to ease the way, without any auxiliary tools, you see teacher Li DAWAI also and beauty presided over the join move it! Wang Lu teacher this foundation, a look at is to practice the ah, Bang Bang Da! Li DAWAI teacher need to put in more efforts to myself ~ above the action name: stretching waist muscle. Sedentary office, waist pain, you can use this way to ease, only a yoga mat can be. Okay, Xiaobian just photographed a picture sent to see, want to know more details, and faster and more effective relief for cervical and lumbar discomfort, please lock Henan news channel {every day health} and host study together! More on cervical and health problems, welcome to the golden times fitness Hengda shop advisory. Address: Dongfeng Road and culture Road Interchange South 500 Miludongbai Temple Road Hengda district. Tel: 0371-63826000 / 63826111