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Golden Times Fitness Academy

Golden Times Fitness Academy

  As the only training department of Golden Times fitness club, Golden Times Fitness Academy independently carrys out career education and training related with fitness industry relying on the overall advantages of group.   Adhering to such theories as "fitness is the lifelong health education" and "constantly aggressing, independent innovation" and "run school in good faith", Golden Times Fitness Acedemy constantly strives for perfection, looks for continuous improvement and stands in Central Plains after experiencing 15 years of severe test of fitness industry, in the real battlefield of nearly 40 fitness stores, under carefull cultivation of dozens of senior private trainers and relying on strong professional and technical supports and resources of fitness industry.   Golden Times Fitness Academy was awarded the honorable title of "Top Ten Influential Brand of China Fitness Industry" in 2007 and " The National Top Ten Iraining Institutions" in 2012. Golden Times Fitness Academy sets up the first brand in Chinese sports fitness and dance arts training field and is reputed to be " the Huangpu Military Academy of Central Plain's fitness industry".  
  In 2004, Golden Times fitness club set up the earliest aerobics and apparatus coach training in Central Plain where fitness club just started. Up to now, training courses have dabbled in diversification of professional training programs, including professional coach training of all kinds of mainstream group courses, private coach training, professional manager training and avocational intrests training in current fitness clubs. Golden Times has set up autonomous, independent and perfect fitness course training system.
G-POWER curriculum system

G-POWER curriculum system

  G-POWER course is the most important curriculum system and comes from the creativity and choreography of many key coaches of Golden Times. G-POWER is one kind of scientific, effective, reasonable and happy curriculum model.   G-POWER course features   G-POWER curriculum system can fully drive the training enthusias of mmembers and let members carry out continuous exercise, thus greatly improving the retention rate of fitness club members. G-POWER is the own intellectual property right of Golden Times and the original group course with fixed routine. By the end of 2012, G-POWER curriculum system of Golden Times has gone through six seasons and has become one favorite and approbatory exercise to the majority of the members of Golden Times fitness club chain stores.
More details

More details

  Official website: http://www.1dance.net   Zhengzhou Campus Address: Hengdamingdu Golden Times Sports Center, east side of the road, 500 meters to the South, intersections of Wenhua Road and Dongfeng Road   Contact number: 18637111010   Luoyang Campus Address: Hengda Oasis Golden Times Sports Center, Zhongzhou East Roat, Luoyang   Contact number: 13333898778
  1. Hu Tao

    Hu Tao

      National first-class athlete   National first-class fitness instructor   AFAA Advanced Personal Trainer Certification   CABB International Professional Personal Trainer Certification   IPTFA antenatal and postpartum senior level private coaching certification
  2. Wang Shujuan

    Wang Shujuan

      Wang Shujuan   National first-class athlete   National Fitness Coach Professional Certification   CPR certification of the Red Cross   Pilates private coaching certification   Hong Ying pregnancy antenatal and postpartum Pilates certification   The second place in 2013 Henan fitness model competition   The third place in 2014 Golden Times fitness competition Miss Bikini B group   The fourth place in 2015 Golden Times fitness competition Miss Bikini B group
  3. Qin Qin

    Qin Qin

      AASFP Asia fitness certification National Fitness Coach Professional Certification   Pilates function trainer   EPTC Slimming coach   Asian health management and Sports Science Institute of antenatal and postpartum private coaching certification   Hong Ying pregnancy . antenatal and postpartum trainer   CPR certification of the Red Cross   The sixth place of 2015 12th China Goldentimes night Miss Bikini
  4. Li Xudong

    Li Xudong

      senior level private coaching certification   AASFP Asia fitness certification   National Fitness Coach Professional Certification   EPTC lumbosacral neck rehabilitation trainer certification   Noah's Stretch Therapy training class certification   Bolai sports college neck and shoulder functional diagnosis and action therapy course certification
  5. Yang Bo

    Yang Bo

      Personal fitness trainers' training instructor of Golden Times Fitness Academy   Champion of Golden Times Night Bodybuilding Contest 70kgs (2014)   Private department manager of Golden Times Fitness Club (2007)